Humanity and Solidarity

People all over the world have expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are now the victim of Russia’s cruel war.

The people of Ukraine are being murdered in their home. Russia is attacking the very identity of Ukrainians and oppresses their voices.

We, the people of Ukraine, want to share our voices with the people in Austria and thank them for their support.

May 8 – Day of Liberation: Remembrance in place of war and parades

We come together on May 8 on Schwarzenbergplatz in 1030 Vienna to share who we are and to spend the Day of Liberation remembering in place of war and parades.

The people of Ukraine and the people of Austria – including speakers, musicians, artists, researchers, and representatives of help organizations – will come to Schwarzenbergplatz starting at 1pm to express the hopes and dreams of Ukraine with their many voices.

Help helps

We will think of all the people of Ukraine whose hopes and dreams have been been prevented by Russia’s war against them. The event is, of course, free; we ask you to donate to the Austrian NGO Zentrum für Ukrainische Initiativen to support humanitarian help projects in Ukraine.

Please stand with the people of Ukraine on May 8.

The right of one’s own history and the right of one’s own voice are not alienable. Let our voices sound together in remembrance on May 8.

We ask you sincerely, to alert your networks to this event. Every form of your support helps us, the people of Ukraine. Thank you!


Video greetings

Musicians and Artists



  • Exhibition “Labyrinth”
  • Photo exhibition “Painful Remembrance. Pictures from Ukraine”
  • Art exhibition: paintings of Ukrainian artists brought from the Dorotheum charity auction
  • Art Installation
  • 60-second-photo
  • Ukrainian Food


Speeches by politicians and intellectuals with performances of Ukrainian musicians


Benefit concert of prominent musicians from Ukraine and from Austria


Holy Mass in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, 1010 Vienna, to remember the victims of the war with St. Stephen’s Vicar Capitular, Toni Faber, and the Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria, Vasyl Khymynets.


The annual Festival of Joy organized by the Mauthausen Committee Austria on the occasion of the Day of Liberation will start at 7:30pm on Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien. The focus of the event is “Political Resistance”.

More details to be announced.

How can I donate?

We ask for your donations to support humanitarian help in the regions affected the most by the Russian war against Ukraine.

Zentrum für Ukrainische Initiativen in Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft
IBAN: AT 1520 111 826 752 04600
Purpose: Help for Ukraine

A QR code for your banking app is available:

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